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Local Practitioners In The Charleston Area

Center for Environmental and Occupational Medicine -  One of the few places you can find quality functional medicine practitioners in the Charleston SC area. These physicians can help you where others may have failed. I recommend going to them sooner rather than later. 

Dr. Craig Koniver MD - Provides Natural and Alternative medicine. Services include IV vitamin therapy and lab testing. 

Health E Coaching - Local Naturopathic Doctors Sherri and Stockton Jacobs

Dr. Stewart Gillespie - Local Functional Medicine Chiropractic Physician

Apps To Track Your Nutrition, Fitness, and Health Data

Cronometer Great App that is free and allows you to keep detailed track of your health data.

Nutrition Data -


Eat Fat Get Thin by Mark Hyman

The Paleo Cure By Chris Kresser

Effortless Healing by Joseph Mercola MD

Eat Wheat by John Douillard

Paleo/Primal Practitioners

Primal Docs.com

Paleo Physicians Network

Food Research

The Yogurt Scorecard


The Environmental Working Group - They empower the consumer by showing you what is                                                                   in the products you buy everyday. 


Mercola.com - Great website for anything related to health. High quality articles with great research supporting them.

ChrisKresser.com - one of the best functional medicine practitioners on web in my opinion. Lots of great articles.

Supplysource.com - Great place to purchase seed for your home garden.

Foodrising.org - Great website to learn how to grow your own food at home.