Why I am doing a 10 Day Detox

I have been on the journey of maximizing my health for the last seven years. In all that time, I do not believe I have ever followed a strict detox diet. Until my wife Bethany suggested she was going to do Mark Hyman’s 10 Day Detox Diet. I did not want to be left out of the excitement so like any good husband would do I said I would join her. The guts of this diet involves no caffeine, artificial sweeteners, sugar, diary or gluten. Now you must be saying, well Brian, what is left to eat? For starters, you can eat all whole foods such as fruit, vegetables, meat(should be grass-fed or high quality), nuts, eggs, almond butter, coconut oil just to name a few. If you want more details you can check out his website here and his book here. By the way, the quiche above was made by Bethany for our breakfast, and it was fantastic.  Today, I want to talk about five reasons I made the decision to follow a strict nutrition plan such as this one and why I chose Mark Hyman’s 10 Day Detox

Support My Wife  I know from studying the Daniel Plan when you face a challenge together it gives you a much better chance at success. I want her to be successful on this journey, and so I told her about a week ago that I would do the detox with her. It also connects us more because we are living a healthier lifestyle together. At least she does not have to keep an eye on me because she knows I would not dare cheat. 

Curious  That’s right, I am curious to see how my body will perform and how great I will feel with a totally clean diet. It has often been so long since we felt great that we define feeling good as feeling great. I want to know what feeling great is for me. I have always had a clean diet but did not do everything at once like I am going to do over the next ten days. 

Brain Fog  I still seem to struggle with this one at times. You know the feeling you get when you have been looking at a computer screen for too long, and you can not seem to remember things anymore. There is something in my diet causing this now and then, and I want to find who the culprit is. I mean, we can always use more brain power as a nurse.

Too much coffee  In my opinion, I was drinking way too much coffee. Doing this diet has given me the perfect excuse to cut out caffeine for a while to see how it affects me. Remember, even de-caffeinated coffee still has a small amount of caffeine in it so do not be fooled. I do believe the regular consumption of coffee was contributing to brain fog instead of clearing it up. I do plan to include one or two cups of organic coffee back into my routine at some point. 

Weight is creeping up  Over the past few months I have noticed a few pounds creeping in around my waist. I know what I have been doing wrong, but the 10 Day Detox helps me to put an end to the culprits and start shaping my waist again. Bethany and I have a little contest going on to see who can lose the most. Personally, I think I am at a disadvantage due to being leaner but she does not see it that way. 

Mark Hyman MD, author of the 10 Day Detox is a well respected functional medicine doctor. I highly respect him for being a front-runner and being one of the first to get the message out of restoring your health through functional medicine and proper nutrition. 

In two weeks, I will write a post updating you on the progress of our detox. We are highly considering doing this for more than ten days. We may do it for twenty or thirty days who knows. I am very excited about this and looking forward to getting some positive effects from the detox. Please let me know if you have tried this detox or any other detox program like the Whole 30 or Chris Kresser’s Thirty Day Reset for example and what results did you get.  

Leave your comments and suggestions below about what has worked for you or the barriers you have to start your detox program.