What is Nursing Life Back to Health

As a nurse, have you ever felt like maintaining balance in your life an impossible feat? Do you consistently feel like you are just barely hanging on to the demands of this life; this career? You’re not alone.

If you are like most nurses your workday probably looks something like this:

5:35 am: Wake up realizing you just realized you hit the snooze button one time too many times. The sudden adrenaline rush wakes you from a deep sleep, and you jump out of bed.

6:05 am: After a quick rinse in the shower you have just enough time to make yourself some coffee before rushing out the door to face morning rush hour traffic.

6:55 am: You finally arrive to work with 5 minutes to spare. Hopefully, the next 12 hours of your day goes smoother than your morning…

7:00 am: Morning report is received. Looks like lunch will be around 3 pm today.

When heading to the cafeteria for lunch, you by-pass the salad bar because today you deserve a treat. You can be healthy tomorrow. Throughout the day, you fight the brain fog that comes with not getting enough sleep and nutrient-poor food in your belly. And if one more patient gets out of bed unassisted you may just scream.

Finally, 7:45 pm rolls around and you are heading home. Exhausted and slightly on edge. When you get home, you may still be riled up from a day of discharges and admissions. You may take out some of your frustrations with your loved ones because you’re hangery (hungry-angry). You don’t feel like cooking after a busy day in health care, so you pull out something convenient and plop in front of the TV until you are so exhausted you cannot stay awake. Off to bed you go and then you repeat the cycle all over the next day.

If this describes you or even if it does not I sympathize with you and understand where you are coming from. I have been a nurse for the last ten years and have faced a lot of these struggles and tendencies myself.  I have overcome a lot of them and still struggle with a few from time to time.

NursingLifeBackToHealth.com is a website created to help nurses learn from my experience in nursing over the last decade.  Through my career and self-improvement, I have learned a lot of information about nursing, life, and health. This site is meant to interconnect all three of these topics into one for the benefit of creating an awesome life as a nurse.

Let’s face it; we all want to know the secret to happiness, health and balance in our lives. I am not pretending to have all the answers or say my life has all these characteristics. This is an invitation for you to join me on this journey of learning and striving closer to an awesome, blessed life every day you wake up. The website will talk about topics on how to be your best every day as a nurse, restore balance to your life and nursing yourself back to health.

I look forward to serving you all and learning together so that we may continue our journey of simplifying and enriching our lives.

Please add comments, email me or make suggestions so I may best serve you on your journey.