What Faith And Food Have In Common


What I have found recently is some of the biggest topics people shy away from are religion, politics, and food. Which also happen to be my favorite topics to discuss. For today, I want to talk about two of these and how you can advocate for each of these with your friends and loved ones. 

In my experience, people do not respond to what you say, but what you do. What you do is the real measure of who you are to other people. Like the saying goes, “Do you walk the talk?”

I am a Christian, and when it comes to my faith, I do not believe in going around and having to validate my faith to others. I am confident in what I believe, and why I believe.  I think some Christians have this constant pressure on themselves to talk to all unbelievers about their faith and try to convert them. In my experience, this does not work, because people have to be ready for a change. A lot of times when they are ready they will ask, which is one way of identifying their readiness to be open to change. God has control over this and His appropriate timing for people being receptive to Him.  

Your actions and responses to situations are the best way to evangelize to others. The people around you will realize something is different about you. They soon figure out you are a Christian, and maybe begin to think to themselves, “Wow, I wish I could respond that way.”, or “I wish I had that kind of self-control.”

In the same way, telling everybody about why you are a Christian or why you eat the way you do (when not prompted) will only make them resist. I am saying this in the hopes that you can take off the burden you may feel about changing people’s health for the better. In the same way that Jesus will be good for their soul/spirit, the right diet will be good for their mind/body, but you must wait for the person to invite you in. The best thing you can do is lead by example.

When you are eating out, do not compromise on what you believe so that someone will accept you. Stay strong, even though a friend or loved one may be mocking or criticizing you for always eating healthy. Deep down they admire you and wish they had the strength to do what you are doing.  This is how you can be a leader and role model for others, and ultimately create a healthier world.

Often when I am eating my salads at work, my coworkers will ask me, “what is in my salad” or “what are those bright yellow things in there (egg yolks)?”  Sometimes it can get old if every time you sit down to eat someone is asking you about your food and all you wanted to do is eat in peace. I have learned that this is a great time to change the conversation about food. Others are opening up to me by asking questions, and by taking the time to answer their questions you are playing a part in their decision to change their habits. 

Often, I will not see where much change in their perception has taken place, but other times they will say, “You know, I never thought about that, or “I will have to try that sometime.”  Sometimes this change will take longer for some than it will for others.  Just like some will never choose to come to Christ, some will never choose to eat healthy.

It is amazing to me how our actions help others change their perception of what they are doing. Honestly, it is how the culture develops and changes.

By you staying the course and being an example for the people around you this is what will truly change their heart when it comes to faith and food. I invite you to keep patient with others, have grace, and take a non-judgmental attitude towards their journey and struggles to change their destiny.

If you are struggling with changing your habits around food or you need more support to make a change you know you should be making. Then do not hesitate to contact Bethany or Brian at KnightWellnessCoaching.com so we can help you reach your health goals in 2018.

Have a Healthy Week

Coach Brian