Simplify Your Grocery Shopping While Improving Your Health


This article may be surprising to you and give you a different perspective on simplicity in the grocery store. The way I make my grocery shopping easier is by skipping 90% of the products in the store. You might say, “Well, Coach Brian, what’s the purpose in that?” I am glad you asked.  The reason for this is 90% of the products in the store are either heavily processed, have a high sugar content, or is not organic (when it needs to be). I could go on.

Right now, Bethany and I are doing the Whole30, so I do not even look at the wheat/gluten products, dairy products, or products with added sugar when I go to the store.

This may sound weird, but it allows me to go to the store and not be overwhelmed or lured by vast areas of food when I go shopping. I get in and get out quickly. Who could not use more time these days? I know I can! This is going to become more of a priority over time as our family grows in size.

It is so nice to walk into our local grocery store and have clarity on the products that will better your health and not worsen it over time.  Even if you walk into Earth Fare or other health food stores, many of the foods will not improve your health. They may be organic and/or non-GMO at Earth Fare, but many of them have way too much sugar for most people, including me.

So, when I go shopping, for example, I will go to the fresh vegetable area, go to the organic and 100% grass-fed meats, frozen vegetables, coffee, some wild caught seafood and I am pretty much done.  You don’t have to walk into the store and consider every single product when it comes to choosing what to bring home to your family.

This also allows me to concentrate on sales and specials on the 10% of products in the store we consume in the Knight household.

When I am looking at the products I am comfortable bringing home to my family; I will look at what is on sale and depending on what is marked down, and how low we are on that item will determine how many I purchase. I know I have mentioned this before, but it’s worth stating again: make sure you get a small freezer so you can store the bulk items you buy on sale.

It can be overwhelming, confusing, and time-consuming to shop the whole store for sales and deciding what foods to buy. I want to invite you to take some steps today to simplify your grocery shopping by starting to eliminate some of the foods and products that are not improving your health.  I think you know what most of those foods are.

If you ever have any questions about food or products that improve your health Bethany and I are here to help you with your health journey. We are always learning ourselves so we can pass on this knowledge to you on the blog and in person. If I missed something or you have a system that works for you, please share it with the community in the comments below.

We look forward to continuing to serve you on your health journey and learning with you on how to optimize health and wellness for you and your family.

To Your Health!

Coach Brian