Prioritize Your Health To Best Serve Others


I think when it boils down to the nitty gritty you want to be able to serve others in some capacity whether that is through being a mother, father, son, daughter, or through your work.  You can not do this if you are not taking care of yourself.

I will start you off with a personal story of mine. I remember about five years ago when I was working at my previous employer and over-time as a nurse was abundant.  I once worked five twelve hour night-shifts in a row. The demands from these shifts were not overwhelming, and it was not even that stressful.  I remember by the fifth night, I was just a body carrying out the task.  I was not able to serve my patients or my coworkers to the best of my ability. I knew by the morning of that fifth night I needed a break and needed to be recharged.

I am sure nurses have done a lot crazier things than work five twelve hour night shifts in a row on a medical-surgical floor. As I reflect on this, I saw how working this much was not sustainable for me. Even though I could power through it, I was not bringing my best self forward after a few shifts in a row. My coworkers and patients deserve better, even if I might not make as much money from working the extra over-time.

I have found keeping balance and getting things done, spending time with my family creates someone who is happy and a life that is sustainable for me. Sometimes you have seasons in life where you just have to power through it. Those should come and go, and often are good for us and build resilience in you.

What I want you to think about today is make sure you are picking your battles wisely. Some people are always powering through something in their lives. Make sure you are only doing this for a season. For example, I am going to grad school for two years and working full-time while going, but I know this is only for a season.

Make sure you are prioritizing your health after your spiritual development.  The focus on you should be your second priority in life.  Not your spouse, not your kids, and not your work.  There will be seasons when you will need to care for a sick spouse, child, or meet a deadline for a project at work. Make sure this is only for a season and that you quickly get back to prioritizing your self-care. Without self-care, you will not be able to best care for those you love over the long-term or be the best you can be in the work you do.

A little more than a year ago I finally made a decision based on my wife mentioning she needed me home at night with our first born son on the way. Even though this would mean less pay, a busier work environment, having to park off-site, I knew it was the right decision. At that time, my hemoglobin A1C was 5.6 despite a low-sugar diet. I knew my body was being stressed from the night shifts. I decided to bite the bullet and am so glad I did more than a year later. By prioritizing my health, I am now able to serve my wife and my son better as a result. Also, I am serving my self because my hemoglobin A1C has dropped to 5.0 eating the same diet and working day shift.

Start doing what it takes today to prioritize your health. You will have more energy to serve those around you now, have a higher quality of life when you are older, and maybe even live longer as a result.

If you are struggling with ways or how to prioritize your health, Bethany and I can help you with overcoming the obstacles that are holding you back.  We have overcome a lot in our own lives and want to help you overcome your obstacles. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free fifteen-minute consultation today. During that time we will be able to see if we can best serve you and your needs.

Have a healthy week,

Coach Brian