My Top Health Mistakes Part 3

Everyone has made health mistakes at one time or another and wished they had known better. As mentioned in Part 1, being healthy is a choice and takes action. You need the correct knowledge to make the right choice. By learning from my mistakes and me learning from your mistakes I hope we can help each other live happier and healthier lives. Our bodies and our families are depending on us to be equipped with the right information.  If you missed Part 1 & 2, you can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Today, I am going to continue with five more health mistakes I have made in the past. Like I said in Part 1 & 2 this series could go on for a while.

Using no calorie sweeteners – What I mean by this is using anything with Aspartame in it which would include Nutra Sweet and Equal.  Also, I would avoid Sweet N Low, Splenda, and Truvia. Most of these sweeteners are synthetic and made in a food lab and are not natural for your body. They are known to be cancer-causing, but the information is suppressed by the food industry.  The body is not fooled by taking in substances that taste sweet but have no calories. I will not get into details here, but there is a study where they compared people who drank diet sodas versus people who drank regular sodas.  It was found the people who drank regular sugar sodas were leaner than the people who drank diet sodas. Use Stevia or Sugar in the Raw if you are going to use some sweetener. These are from nature and are not processed in a lab somewhere. You do have to look at some of your Stevia products because a lot of big names are getting into the Stevia market and they will include other synthetic ingredients with the Stevia. Remember big name food companies will sacrifice your health before they sacrifice their bottom line and they are not required to tell you they are doing it.

Not Preparing Meals and Snacks When Going Out – Generally, I try to eat at home before I go out somewhere if I know I am only going to have unhealthy choices available. I always prepare a meal for lunch while I am at work especially since I am there for over twelve hours. Make sure you always have your water bottle/container with you if you go out somewhere. All this is good from a financial standpoint as well. Buying foods for convenience is expensive. You can bring food like beef jerky, healthy potato chips, primal bars and a bag of nuts to name a few. It does not take much to make this a priority and think ahead, so you will have something available when you have the munchies.

Drinking Sodas – I hope I do not have to convince you that sodas are probably not the best thing for you to be drinking. The Wellness Mama has an article titled Ten Reasons To Avoid Drinking Soda that explains it all. If you still would like to have sodas, I would recommend switching to Zevia.  It is available in most grocery stores and is reasonably priced. It is sweetened with Stevia and does not have food colorings in it. Also, they are pretty tasty and come pretty close to the popular flavors of soda, in my wife’s opinion.  Also one of my virtual mentors Ben Greenfield has a whole podcast on Zevia where he talks to the owner about the product and asks him some very good questions about the product.

Drinking Bottled Water – I know this one may surprise a few of you. Everybody is into selling bottled water out there, and most of it is not filtered well and is very close to the tap water coming out of your faucet at home. It contains fluoride, chloride, pharmaceutical drugs; you name it. Some brands are very good, but you will pay more for these. I recommend FIJI water which is available at most local grocery stores.  Also, most of these bottled water companies do not use BPA-free plastics, and this allows the chemicals in the plastic to leach into your water, especially, if your water bottle is left out in the sun or heated in any way.  I would recommend getting a whole house water filter that filters out fluoride and chloride. This is the best and cheapest way to go in the long run.

Drinking too much while I am eating – Most of you may not know about this one, but you should not be drinking a lot of fluid during your meals. You should be keeping yourself hydrated in between your meals. If you drink a lot during your meal, this dilutes the acid in your stomach and will compromise your body’s ability to start the digestion process. So stay hydrated in between your meals. You should be consuming no more than 6-8oz. of fluid at any meal you eat. If you are keeping the fat in your meals high, you should only be eating 2-3x a day.

Well, that takes care of Part 3, five more health mistakes I have made and more to come. What are some of the health mistakes you have made? Do they include any of the ones listed above or in Part 1 & 2?  Let me know in the comments below or message me with your questions. Stay tuned for Part 4 where I mention five more health mistakes I have made. This series could keep going and going!

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