Eat For A Dollar A Day While Traveling


Recently, I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, for four days to do a health training workshop.  Throughout the whole trip, I only spent $4 on my food and drink. You may be saying, “Wait a minute Brian, how in the world did you survive on a dollar a day for four days?” Well, I didn’t exactly, but I really did only spend $4 the entire trip. How did I do this? Simple, I brought my food with me. If you have thought this is impossible or it takes too much time let me tell you it is possible and it’s worth it.

You may be asking me, so what was the $4 on? It was for the two bags of ice I needed to put in my cooler when I started my trip. I stopped by a Twice the Ice location and filled up my cooler.

Everything I ate over the last four days came from home. I did not even have access to a microwave or stove in my hotel room. I brought my big 100- quart Coleman cooler with wheels. This is very important if you have a big cooler to have one with wheels. A cooler full of food and ice can get mighty heavy at times.

My cooler on wheels.

My cooler on wheels.

It’s funny, because the other people staying in the hotel bring one small piece of luggage with them and then they see me bringing my stuff in on one of those luggage carts. They seem to look at me like I am weird, but I think it is weird to have to go out somewhere every time you need  to eat or drink something and pay high prices for food that is not always the best quality. I love the convenience and frugality of having my food with me. Also, I know what is in my food. This is key!

For my main meals, my wife made my salads (organic mixed greens, organic tomatoes, raw pecans, avocados, and free range hard-boiled eggs), and I brought a few pounds of cranberry chicken salad with me. This way I did not need to cook anything. I have the salads premade and add the chicken salad on top.  Other items I brought included coconut oil (to add some good fat and make the meal filling), salt and pepper, and Annie’s Organic Honey Mustard dressing (be conservative with this).  Let me tell you, I enjoyed these salads. They were much better and more filling than the salads I would get at a local restaurant, and I served myself. In other words, I did not have the extra cost of tipping on top of eating out.  Eating out and waiting on your food to be prepared also takes a lot of time. Time is valuable to me and I am sure, to you as well.


Don’t get me wrong, I like being served and paying for good service. My frustration is, eating out is expensive enough as it is. My second frustration with eating out is that it is almost impossible to find high-quality food to match the high prices you are paying. I believe with the prices you pay at some restaurants you should not have to worry if they are following the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen rules. You should not have to worry about them using organic bread and non-inflammatory oils when cooking your food just to name a few things.

How my food is prepared and what I am eating is important to me, and it should be to you as well. I mean if you are going to pay high prices, then you should get what you pay for. I will admit, there is a lot of confusion in restaurants on what high-quality food really is.  I have seen some good options out there, but they are expensive for the most part. This should not be, high-quality food is more expensive, but not that much due to the increased supply in the market recently.

Some of the other items I brought with me included a three- gallon jug of filtered water, a snack bag that included beef jerky, RX bars, Larabars, sardine cans (I know, gross, but so good for you), almond butter, and organic celery sticks.  

My 3 Gallon Water Jug

My 3 Gallon Water Jug

Other items include my portable blender to make my coffee in the morning, my kettle to warm up the water, Nutpods (non-diary option for creamer), stevia, cinnamon, turmeric, pepper, and salt.  This is pretty much it, though; I might have missed a couple of things. Make sure you bring your own personal care products. I looked at the ones in the hotel and they were full of all kinds of chemicals and toxins. Remember, what gets put on your skin gets in your body.

My kettle to heat water up. Let me tell you, it is fast.

My kettle to heat water up. Let me tell you, it is fast.

If all this sounds confusing to you or you feel you need some support with eating on the road or eating at home Bethany and I would be glad to talk with you one on one about helping you to take the next steps on your health journey.  Do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to talking with you soon and are looking forward to continuing to serve you on your health journey.

To your health,

Coach Brian