Celebrate Your Wins


Next week I will be finished with my first graduate nursing class. I put in a few months ago to be off during my final exams week. It turns out the course is ending before my week off.

I thought about working that week to save up my annual leave for baby number two around the end of this year or early next year. My wife is not pregnant yet, but we are hoping that happens fairly quickly once we start trying. Baby number one(Asher) can still demand a lot of attention at times. It is overwhelming for my wife to consider being pregnant while meeting Asher’s needs at this point.

I thought about the week off from school and my job. I talked it over with my wife, and we decided to take a trip to Highlands, NC to celebrate me doing well in my first graduate class. We decided to do this to celebrate the win. Maybe you can relate, but I am the type of person who reaches his goals and moves on to the next goal without celebrating the win.

So many people are not recognizing their wins and stopping briefly to celebrate. I think we need to be mindful of this. As I have gotten older, I have become better at identifying this and stopping to celebrate and reward myself for a job well done. Then it is back to going for the next goal. I think this builds resilience and longevity. The key is consistency. You do this over the longterm, and you will be successful. You may not feel like it day by day, but you will look back on it in two to three years and realize how far you have come.

The same goes for when you reach a health goal. You need to celebrate the wins. Each time you reach a milestone, do something for yourself. I do not mean eat chocolate cake until your heart's content. I mean do a little something for yourself that you enjoy and would not normally do or do something with your family. After this, you are ready to dig your heels in and go for the next milestone in your health journey.

You can do something inexpensive, fun, and family friendly like taking a little road trip. Celebrating a win like this acutally enhances your health from a different angle. It is stress reducing, getting out in nature, spending time with the family, unplugging, and recharging to name a few. If you travel, I would encourage you to go somewhere out in nature, and do not have a lot on your agenda. A trip to Disney World may not be the best way to recharge yourself. Take a trip where you are hiking, camping near a lake, or spending time on a secluded beach.

So all I am saying today is give yourself grace and rest. You do not have to be going 100% all the time. Take time to reward yourself, and you will be able to go longer, which reminds me of the tortes and the hare. You will eventually catch the hare because he will be forced to recharge. Whether that is an illness, family drama, or something due to not taking the time to recharge themselves.

If you need help with recharging or how to celebrate your wins. Do not hesitate to request and free fifteen-minute consultation with Bethany or I. We are here to serve you in your journey back to health.  If you feel you are already fairly healthy, we can help you to maximize your health.

To your health,

Coach Brian and Bethany Knight