4 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Home Gym

My current home gym setup!

My current home gym setup!

As a nurse, have you ever thought having a home gym was something to consider?  I have had a home gym for over two years now, and I love it now more than ever.  As a previous competitive weightlifter, I have worked out in commercial gyms for more than fifteen years, and I truly can say, “Why did I not do this sooner?” With everything that is going on as a busy nursing professional who has time to get to the gym these days and fight the crowds? I certainly don’t. Today, I am going to give you four reasons I have found a home gym to be a great decision. I know every nurse’s situation is different but hear me out on this one.

No Excuses – It is so nice to be able to walk into a room across the hall and be at the gym. No more having to get in the car and risk getting into traffic or allowing bad weather to be an excuse for you not getting your workout in.  Also, the gym is not always open when you want to work out, and this may allow you the flexibility to workout on holidays, Sundays, early in the morning or late at night. 

Save Money – With monthly membership fees hovering somewhere around thirty to forty dollars a month in my area. This can save you four or five hundred dollars a year. With a decent home gym costing well under a grand, you will recover your investment in no time.  Also, one thing you may not have thought of is you do not have to worry about the gym charging your account after you terminate your membership from them. Next you will save on gasoline and wear and tear on your car not having to travel back and forth between the gym and your home.

Save Time – Prepping to go to the gym such as getting dressed and getting your gym bag together (or mentally preparing yourself for the workout) takes a lot of time. And then there is the commute. For me, it is about a fifteen-minute drive to my local gym, without traffic. And if you live in the Charleston area you know that traffic is a guarantee. Then if you work the normal 9-5 day shift you basically can count on the gym being packed. You may have to wait a few minutes for someone to get done with a piece of equipment you need, and you only have 30 minutes left until you need to head home to take care of the family. Thus causing more stress when working out was meant to be a stress reliever.

It’s Just You – This point was a huge factor in my decision to have my own gym. By working out at home, you do not have to worry about competing with anyone or worry what someone is thinking about your fitness level. You only worry about your progress. This has been extremely valuable for me. Personally, I would despise coming back to the gym after not working out for a little while until I built my fitness level back up.  By working out at home, it is just me and the weights. I am only concerned with competing against myself and the goals I have set.  

Some questions you may be asking are where am I going to put a home gym, and how much will I have to invest initially. You can easily put a home gym in a five by ten square foot area, and my personal gym cost well under a thousand dollars by shopping on Ebay and Craigslist. Also, I have had my gym in part of the room over the garage and had no problems as long as you put some mats down and do not drop a lot of weight on the floor. This way you stay warm during the winter and cool in the summer instead of suffering in your garage.

I hope this post has opened your eyes to the possibility of having a gym in your house and reasons to make it work.  I will include a future post on what exercises you can do, what equipment you will need and the current routine I use.  Also, if you have found this post helpful then share it with your friends on your social sites. For more great ways to stay healthy check out my other post and sign up for the email newsletters so you will never miss any new post I put out.

See you on the healthy side!