3 Reasons You Should Make Your Health A High Priority Now

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Every day, I encounter people who do not seem to care about their health.  They are prioritizing other aspects of their lives. I think we all do this to some extent and have to at times.  As a nurse, I have found once people have a health crisis they finally start paying attention and prioritizing their health. Often, the damage is done, and it will be hard to undo the years of neglect.  It is not that many people do not care about their health, but they are not aware health will be affected by daily actions from when you were feeling well.

People depend on you: You may not realize it, but people depend on you to be a husband, father, mother, wife, friend, leader, co-worker, nurse, or whatever it might be.  When I thought about my health from this one perspective, I told myself I have a responsibility to stay healthy for my loved ones, and the people around me. It is not all about us when it comes to our health. We have a responsibility to take care of ourselves so that others will not suffer as a result of our loss or disability. So, if you know you should be reducing the sugar in your diet, but your health is not a big enough motivator. Think about the people around you, what would they do if you were not here or too sick to do what you do now?

If you are sick you cannot help anyone:  They will have to help you! This is true whether it is in your career, volunteering, or as a family. I see a lot of people pride themselves on getting very little sleep and working long hours. If you push your body to illness, all of this will come back to bite you. Also, being sick cuts down on your energy, mental clarity, financial resources, and time by having to visit the doctor's office often. It is better to take the time now to invest in your health by exercising and cooking real food so you are not forced to invest time TRYING to regain your health later. Also, invest in high-quality products and food that are less toxic for your body. You pay a little more now, so you do not have to pay A LOT more later through medications, doctors visits, and procedures.  Invest your time and money in staying healthy now, so you will not be forced to salvage what health remains later.

God says to take care of your holy temple:  1 Corinthians 6:19-20 (ESV) says our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and that we should honor God with our bodies. This can be interpreted in many ways, but I do believe you should keep your body healthy to the best of your ability. Not knowing something is no excuse. You should be a regular student of health because it is that important to you, and to God. If you depend on your doctor to tell you everything you need to know about staying healthy you are going to be very disappointed. Your doctor should act more as a consultant for your health.

 As a Christian, I feel I have a responsibility to take care of my body the best way I know how so I can continue to fulfill God’s purpose in my life. I see so many Christians who are in the prime of serving God and finally doing what they feel called to do and then a health crisis hits them. Most of the prayer requests I hear in a prayer group are about health issues for the person praying, or a loved one. Your body is an instrument used by God for his work here on Earth, and I think you owe it to Him to take care of it to the best of your knowledge. Lastly, if your doctor is resistant to trying new things you have learned and does not want to listen, then you need to fire them and find someone who will.

It is important to prioritize your health. You will not know how important it is until it is taken away from you. Also, it is easier to optimize your health while you are healthy. When you are sick is not the best time to decide to take control of your health. Still, better late than never, as I have often seen in some patients I take care of in the hospital.

Decide today to prioritize your health because people depend on you whether you think so, or not. You will be unable to help anyone if you need help with an illness yourself. Honor God with your body by educating yourself about health and doing what you need to do to keep it healthy.  You have a purpose on this earth, and I want you to achieve that to your full potential without your health getting in the way years before it should.

There you go! Three reasons to prioritize your health. What are some of the reasons why you prioritize your health?  Are your reasons similar to the ones mentioned above? Let me know in the comments below or message me with your questions.

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