Hi, my name is Brian Knight. I am a registered nurse and the voice behind NursingLifeBackToHealth.com. I have been a registered nurse for ten years now.  I have learned a lot about what makes me feel healthy and fulfilled and my experience as a nurse has been a big contributor to that. I am grateful you have chosen to spend your valuable time checking out the website. It is my hope and prayer this website will inspire, educate, and inform you to where your choices will maximize your health and allow you to serve at your best. 

Where ever you are on your health journey, I am here to help and support you through the process.   I am on this journey myself and invite you to join me. Just because I specialize in health and wellness does not mean I have it all figured out and live the perfect healthy life.  As I learn new things and apply this knowledge to my own life I want to pass it on to you in an easy to understand format. That may be through articles, videos, emails, or coaching.  We can inspire and support one another.  You may be further along on this journey than myself, but I think we can still learn from one another.  I invite you to share information with me so I can pass it on to others who may be suffering as a result of misinformation or not knowing. 

The website will mainly focus on maximizing your health and creating simplicity in your life and work but it will touch on all topics that may be useful in helping you nurse your life back to health. Maybe your life is already great, but I invite you to read some of the articles and see if you are not able to learn something that will help your life become even better.

I have a particular passion for helping people prevent and reverse chronic disease. Personally, I do feel this is where we fall short in traditional medicine and I want you to be empowered to take control of your own health and wellness. The future of healthcare is one where disease is prevented and delayed instead of treated.  For many diseases reversal is possible through functional medicine, diet and lifestyle modifications, and movement to name a few.  Let me help you on your journey to nursing YOUR life back to health.

Stay tuned for my new plan called Eating Like Jesus coming soon!

Feel free to contact me with questions.

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